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My name is Malin Wahlström and I assist people and animals from all over the world to create and maintain greater well-being through energy work.

The focus of energy work is to help create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. The greater balance within and among the different levels of our being, the more ease and well-being we experience in our daily life.

From a holistic point of view everything is interconnected. The way you think about yourself can directly affect your body. An emotional energy which has not been processed completely can affect your relationships. 


Most of us have blocks and imbalances which affect us in a non-beneficial way. Some of these may have been created during your own life, some may even be inherited from your ancestors. Energy work is a simple yet powerful way to identify and release these blocks and create the possibility for a happier, healthier and more peaceful life.

My journey as a energy work practitioner started when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/CFS in 2019. 

The doctors did what they could and advised me to learn to live with this diagnosis. I was unimpressed to say the least. This is when I discovered the power and simplicity of energy work. With it I was able to create health and well-being for myself on a -whole new level.


In the process I fell in love with the work and it changed my life forever.

My experience of energy work is very similar to prayer or deep meditation. It is a source of great joy in my life.

About me

Modalities and services

There are many wonderful ways to help create and maintain greater balance in life. My experience is that different things might need different approaches. It is good to have more than one tool in the toolbox.

Below you is in overview of the different modalities and services I offer my clients. They have been carefully chosen based on my own personal experience and the benefits they have brought to my own life.

Emotion Code®


A form of energy work developed by Dr Bradley Nelson.

The focus of this modality is to create balance and harmony by releasing trapped emotions and protective blocks around the heart (Heart Wall).

Body Code®

Currently in certification process

A form of energy work developed by Dr Bradley Nelson.

This is an extension of the Emotion Code modality. It focuses on releasing imbalances and creating alignment in the different systems of the body, both energetically and physically.



A form of energy work developed by Rob Williams. 

The focus of this modality is to change limiting subconscious beliefs into helpful and supportive ones and assist in self-realization.


Vidafy Entrepreneur

Supplements can be of great help to create and maintain balance in the physical and energetic systems of the body.


A great thing about energy work is that energy is that it works just as well at a distance. There is no need for the practitioner and the client to be in the same room. We are all connected through an energetic network and this connection is not limited by distance. 


All my sessions are done at a distance and by written communication only.  I offer two different kinds of sessions. I call them Offline and Online Text Sessions. Here you can learn more about them:

Offline text session.PNG
Online text session.PNG

Offline Text Session

Session length is 20 minutes

Single session

40 Euros

Three session bundle

100 Euros

Online Text Session

Session lenght is 40 minutes

Single session

80 Euros

Three session bundle

200 Euros



I have received both emotion code and body code sessions from Malin. I found her to be very intuitive and knowledgeable about the subject she was performing.
She was spot on in her results and took the time to explain them to me.
I would highly recommend her services!!


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Testimonial 3
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